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At the Center for Ocular Tear Film Disorders, we take a multi-pronged approach to the treatment of Dry Eyes, Blepharitis, or related disorders of the surface of the eye. Our treatment procedures address tear quality, production, distribution, drainage and maintenance.

We see each patient frequently in order to establish an effective therapeutic relationship, monitoring progress, and adjusting treatment as needed. There is no cure for dry eyes. However, with comprehensive treatment, most patients experience significant improvement in symptoms and quality of life.EyeFood

Tear quality can be improved by lifestyle and nutritional adjustments. Our dry eye doctor provides you the information you need to ensure your success with the appropriate lifestyle and nutritional changes. We take the time to explain how your environment and eating habits effect the health of your eyes.

latkany-eye3Tear production can be improved by prescription eye drops. Once again, our dry eye doctor works with you to ensure your prescription provides the right solution for your eyes.

Blepharitis, or inflammation of the eyelid margins, can be improved with prescribed lid hygiene. We don’t just tell you, we show you how.

Tear drainage can be blocked temporarily or long-term by collagen or silicone punctal plugs. Trust our dry eye doctor to explain the treatment and discuss whether this is the right treatment for you.

The Center for Ocular Tear Film Disorders is located in New York City, New York. Our friendly dry eye expert will meet with you to learn more about your symptoms. We will then propose a treatment plan that best suits your needs and will best alleviate your symptoms. We discuss options, nutrition and ways to make your environment more friendly to your eyes.

Did You Know?

Persons with dry eyes often report excessive tearing. If the body senses that your eyes are too dry, it will make more tears to compensate.

Each eye contains a punctum on the lower lid near the nose. This punctum is a hole that drains tears from the eye. Like any drain, it can be plugged to prevent the fluid from draining out.

Punctal plugs can improve vision in dry eye patients.

Punctal plug insertion is a quick in-office procedure and is completely reversible.

Did You Know?

Dr. Robert Latkany también habla español.

Wearing your contact lenses overnight greatly increases your risks of developing a corneal ulcer.

An estimated 60 million people have dry eyes.

Wearing contact lenses for extended periods of time can cause dry eyes.

People who sleep with their eyes partially open or people with Bell's Palsy are at increased risk for dry eye syndrome.

Did You Know?

If you raise your chair at your computer desk a little so that you are looking down at the computer screen, you will decrease the evaporation of your tear film by reducing the exposed ocular surface area.

Fish oil, particularly Salmon oil and Flaxseed oil contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids which has to be beneficial for many aspects of the body, not just someone suffering with dry eyes

Eye or eyelid surgery can alter the quantity, quality or distribution of your tear film.

Medications such as antihistamines, oral contraceptives, beta-blockers, diuretics, and mood-stabilizers can exacerbate dry eye symptoms.