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Several Secondary Conditions or Situations that Influence Dry Eyes


People with diabetes have decreased sensitivity on the surface of the eyes and therefore do not produce enough tears to provide an adequate tear film. Not only can diabetics worsen their vision from cataracts or retinal problems but their vision can also be blurred by an irregular tear film.

Sjögren’s Syndrome

latkany-eye9This is a relatively common autoimmune condition that involves arthritis, dry skin, dry mouth and dry eyes. Females are more likely to present with this condition which can be detected by a blood test.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This common arthritic condition also has a strong relationship with dry eyes. It too can de diagnosed with blood tests and detailed history.

Refractive surgery

It is now established that up to 50% of LASIK patients will experience dry eyes. LASIK causes a decreased sensation over the ocular surface but usually can easily be managed.

Contact Lens

Long term use of contacts causes decrease sensation as well especially when contacts are worn overnight. There are ways to manage these dry eye patients so they can return to wearing contacts.

Intense Concentration Situations

latkany-eye8Long term computer use or reading a lot both have one thing in common. These are situations where someone does not blink enough.

People tend to stare when they concentrate causing their tear film to evaporate. After a period of time these people start to complain of dry eye symptoms.

Environmental Situations

Airplanes, sitting near air-conditioners, prolonged use of computers, or forced air heating, driving a car and lack of sleep all can cause dry eye symptoms.

There are also dietary components to dry eyes as well. Increasing water intake and decreasing caffeine and alcohol consumption will most likely improve your tear film.


Whether due to eyelid surgery, aging or something you were born with, some people sleep with their eyes open. Even if the upper and lower lids are separated a little bit, dryness will develop from rapid tear film evaporation. There are very simple tricks to eliminate the upon-awakening or nighttime accompanying pain or blurry vision.

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