Testimonials from Satisfied Clients of Physician Eyecare in NY

Dry Eye Condition

I have suffered from hot, gritty, puffy eyes for years. I tried just about every over the counter eye drop to alleviate the problems but nothing really helped. My eye doctor advised I had a protein buildup around my eyelid and recommended that I wash them with Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo twice a day for two weeks but this didn’t really help. I tried prescription allergy eye drops and these didn’t help either. I never could find a remedy or what was the cause of the irritation.

During a routine checkup with my Rheumatologist, we talked about the eye irritation. She mentioned that it might be a dry eye condition and referred me to Dr. Latkany. I met with Dr. Latkany and began treatment with Lotemax and Restasis. What a difference !!! In the first month, I could feel that my eyes became less swollen, and less irritated. They looked more clear, more white. I still had some grittiness and heat during the day, usually in the afternoon. I think this was because I applied the eyedrops in the morning and in the night. I asked the doctor if I could use the eyedrops three times a day instead of twice, but he said no, keep it twice, it will get better.

After another month, my eyes felt better, and the grit and heat in the afternoon did minimize. There are some days when my eyes get hot but it might have to do with heavy computer use. The grit is about gone. I cannot recall when my eyes last felt this healthy and good. I am so very pleased with the results!
– Debbie C.

Success at Last

I spent months going to other eye doctors, not to mention the money I spent on various prescriptions, with no success. Finally one doctor recommended Dr. Latkany. After just one visit, he calmed my nerves and made the proper diagnosis. I no longer have any trouble with my eyes and I ‘m very grateful to Dr. Latkany.
– A.B.

An Extraordinary Eye Doctor

I found Dr. Latkany to be an extraordinary doctor. Since my case was extremely difficult, and painful. He was compassionate, patient, and generous with his time. If I had a problem I could call at anytime. I was grateful and happy to say I’m feeling much better.
– M.T.

Previous Wrong Treatment – Now Relief

I do not know how to begin to tell you how I am so grateful to you for accepting me as your patient. In a very short time you have helped me so much more than anyone else ever did. In fact for many years I had been treated wrongly and also injured during eye surgery. I have to go back too far. Since I am seeing you I finally have gotten relief from constant pain in my right eye. I had often thought about going into Manhattan-but just never got to do it. I am so very grateful that you have chosen to come to Westchester now. Also a very important fact and that is that you really listen to me. I know you hear what I am saying and what I am concerned about and for that I am very grateful. I could go on I will sign off now.
– L.G.